10 Ways to Celebrate the Sun

Sun-summer-sandals If only there were more hours in the day! So we can’t grant you that wish, but the Earth does offer us more hours of daylight to make the days feel longer. This is probably why we all love Spring and Summer so much. More daylight is energizing and the pinnacle of this abundance of light happens on a special day called Summer Solstice. Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year (aka most hours of sunlight). The name comes from the Latin solstitium meaning ‘sun stands still’. So how will you be spending your time in the light on June 20? The most rewarding way to observe the Summer Solstice is to connect with nature. Sun-summer-solstice-social

10 great ways you can celebrate Summer Solstice

  1. Wake up before dawn and witness the earliest rays of sun peek over the horizon.
  2. Grab a hat, your sandals and sunscreen and enjoy a leisurely sun-filled day outside – read a book, swim, garden, relax - just enjoy a dose of vitamin D.
  3. Be with friends - gather around a bonfire or have a picnic in the park. Laugh, tell stories, play games and appreciate this moment spent with friends.
  4. Walk barefoot in the grass, dig your toes in the sand, or splash through rain puddles. Ground your feet in the Earth. Pay attention to how this feels.
  5. Meditate outside.
  6. Clock some miles on the pavement or up the mountain in your favorite sport socks. Getting a workout done outside is like a two for one deal!
  7. Do 108 Sun Salutations facing east. This yoga sequence is a gracious flow of gratitude that connects the body, mind and soul.
  8. Practice Surya Bhedana pranayama (Single Nostril Breath) to harmonize the body’s solar and lunar energies on the day of the solstice.
  9. Reflect on the previous six months. What goals did you set at the New Year and what goals do you want to achieve for the next six months? Write them down.
  10. Hold a glass of water and whisper your prayers and desires into the water. Pour some of the water on the earth as an offering. Drink the rest with love and gratitude, receiving the nourishment into your being. (via Solstice Holiday)
The most important part of the Summer Solstice holiday is recognizing the passing of time. It's about appreciating the moment and not taking it for granted. Image of ToeSox Ambassador @KoyaWebb