A Business of Love

One of our fundamental practices is giving back all year round to people and causes we sincerely believe in. This is why we love partnering with GoMacro during Breast Cancer Prevention Month to support the Keep A Breast Foundation. Read about GoMacro's founders, mom and daughter, here: “Ultimately everything comes down to my mom. She is the one that got breast cancer and fought it naturally," Jola shared when asked about the journey of GoMacro, "She is the one that created all the recipes. And she is the one who taught me how to run a responsible business." It was 2003 when Jola's mom, Amelia, was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. At the time, Jola was a public school teacher in Chicago teaching literature and Latin, while Amelia was recently retired and began turning her Wisconsin land into a thriving vegetable garden. The two had very different daily lives, but when that call came in a shift was set in motion. Amelia had a lumpectomy and supported her healing with a macrobiotic diet. Amelia was first exposed to macrobiotics 10 years prior when Jola's husband's aunt was given a painful prognosis: lymphoma. Three doctors confirmed the timeline of six months to one year to live. Without anything to lose and having nearly lost all hope, the aunt turned to macrobiotics. Her macrobiotic counselor taught her how to heal herself with the power of food. She is still alive today. That story was a beacon of hope for Amelia, and she wanted the same ending to her battle - victorious. So she practiced the complex diet and, indeed, cured herself.
"I believe that Macrobiotics is a way of life that uses traditional wisdom as well as modern knowledge to improve health. It is a holistic approach that incorporates a plant based diet together with lifestyle choices to achieve balance and vitality. The approach is different for each person and incorporates dietary changes together with understanding one's body and abilities. Although best known as a healing diet it works well for everyone at every stage of life." - Amelia
A year after the diagnosis, Amelia was able to start integrating sweets back into her diet. She baked with ingredients that complemented her macrobiotic lifestyle - high quality, plant based, no sugar. Her cookies tasted so incredible that Jola took a dozen to the local market to see if they would sell them. After all, the recipe was perfect: delicious treats, made with the healthiest ingredients, and packaged in love. GoMacro was born. It's been 11 years since the fateful diagnosis that actually created a healthier body. Their story is a reminder of how the foods we eat can replenish or deplete us, sicken us or heal us. Inspired daily by her mom, Jola is dedicated to growing the successful family-owned business the way it always has grown - organically, naturally, and with love. "We truly care about the earth, our employees, and our fans and show this by practicing ethical sourcing, treading lightly, giving back and using only the highest quality ingredients with health benefits." Jola thanks her mom everyday for this gift. GoMacro and ToeSox partnered for October's Breast Cancer Prevention Month to support Keep A Breast Foundation. GoMacro is donating 5% of very product purchased on www.gomacro.com and ToeSox is donating 5% of every pair of fuchsia grip socks purchased.