Be happy good lookin'

Happy in yoga studio

Audrey Hepburn sure said it best when she noted that "happy girls are the prettiest girls". It's true. Happy people are the best looking people. Just the turn of your lips upward and your whole essence changes. There's a sparkle in the eyes and softness in the face of people who are calm, present and happy. But besides the beauty that exudes from happy people, there are other findings about this positive emotion as listed in Family Health Guide's 20 Amazing Facts About Happiness. Here a few noteworthy observations:
  • If you do 20 minutes of exercise, three days per week for six months, your general feeling of happiness will improve by 10-20%
  • Having 100-200 belly laughs a day is the equivalent of a high impact workout, burning off up to 500 calories
  • Several studies have shown that a pet can reduce blood pressure and stress, promoting health and happiness
While certain circumstances may be beyond our immediate control, we still get to choose in each moment how we respond. We can choose our mood and, thus, our emotion and outlook. Shift your perspective and your actions just by going outside, turning off the TV, and other Simple Tips to Live Happy, Wild and Free. Be happy, be healthy, and be beautiful.