Best Class Ever

Ever notice some days your workout is amazing and some days it's unbearable? Create more awesome and less blah in 3 steps: Choose your mood We depend on the instructor to not only get us through a series of exercises, but also to keep us motivated. Have you ever considered that YOU may be the person inspiring the teacher... or even fellow students? Choose your mood wisely - you never know who you're affecting. "In the 16 years of being a fitness instructor and studio owner, I am becoming more aware of the positive impact that our students can have on our own lives," says Lariesa Bernick, owner of Pilates of Eastlake, when asked what inspires her. Remember the impact of your mood so you show up to class ready for awesome. Find your focus There's a reason why you're there. So while you might struggle, sweat, or get frustrated through your workout, remember the reason you arrived on the mat, at the barre, on the reformer. Whether it's setting an intention or repeating a mantra, connect your mind, body and spirit with your wellness. When my focus fades, I choose these power statements to invigorate me mid-class: "A year from now I will wish I started today" "Nothing changes if I don't change" Keep your focus on the reason you're there to continue the awesome. Prepare for success Make the most of your fitness routine by gearing up. An unquenchable thirst and slipping feet and hands are the most distracting and avoidable mishaps in class. Drink plenty of water before to avoid dehydration. Get a grip of footwear that protects and comforts your feet so your mind can focus on the movements and not the wreckage. Coming prepared for class mentally, emotionally, and physically will give you an awesome experience and help you achieve better results. After all, it's the awesome that keeps us coming back for more.