Eat Up, Cool Off

Are you one of the many who experience a decrease in appetite when it's hot out? This may bode well for keeping unwanted pounds off during bikini season, but healthy bodies need nourishment. So while the heat may be tempering your appetite, indulge in these cooling foods so you can sustain a large amount of fun in the sun: Pineapple - cut into cold cubes or sliced for the grill, the active enzymes in these mouthwatering beauties help remove impurities from the GI track Watermelon - this gorgeous gourd is not only a mega alkaline fruit, but also helps the kidneys and the liver flush out toxins and aid in the detox process Apples - a great source of vitamin C, dip crisp slices in almond butter for a perfect beach snack. (apples are also endeared as "nature's toothbrush") Avocado - Add this heart-healthy superfood to your meals for creamy goodness, like spreading on toast instead of butter or adding to salads in place of cheese Hummus - made with calcium and protein-rich sesame seeds, hummus is a delicious way to enjoy your raw veggies Water - typically you divide your weight in half and that's how many ounces of water you should drink daily (ex. 160lb should drink 80oz of water). As the temperatures rise and sweat increases, be sure to up your water intake as well as drink electrolyte liquids (like coconut water) to help in hydration Have fun, be safe, and stay active and nourished.