Master your workout with grip gloves

grip gloves gear for workout Mastering a workout doesn’t mean mastering every move – it means mastering yourself in each moment. Being focused and safe are the most critical elements to making you exercise effective. Bring you’re A-game attitude and this key piece of gear with you to class and get ready to experience a shift in your workout.

A little grip glove goes a long way

Toe socks aren’t the only must-have item you need for your workout. It’s time to add grip gloves to your gym bag. Fingerless grip gloves should feel comfortable on and fit snug. These small accessories will act like sticky hands during slippery situations.

Try these 3 workouts wearing grip gloves and you’ll thank us. (You’re welcome)

grip gloves for pilates reformer


Every exercise in Pilates is precise and the equipment that accompanies each move is equally brilliant. Whether you’re planking on the reformer or hanging from the Cadillac, the heat is on and slipping begins. Pilates is all about core engagement and control so it’s critical not to lose your steady focus. We can’t imagine holding plank and folding into pike without the brightly colored honeycomb grip palm keeping us in place. With grip gloves on, you can send our attention back to the core and control the movements rather than wiping your hands dry every few seconds. grip gloves for crossfit workout

Interval Training

We love pushing past limits and gaining muscle with weight, resistance and interval training (like CrossFit)– the exercises and camaraderie motivates us to show up and work hard. As you move from one exercise to the next, you are not only building strength but also cardiovascular endurance. Your workout of the day includes multiple exercises, like mount climbers, deadlifts, kettle bell swings and shoulder presses. All that movement means more sweat and less grip on the weights being lifted. Wear grip gloves for safer movement for you and your fellow training buds. grip gloves for yoga arm balance


We come to the yoga mat for stress relief and stretching, but even a slow vinyasa class will turn up your body heat and make for a slippery flow. You wear your favorite non slip socks to keep your toes spreading and your feet in place. Now it’s time to give your hands the same love with grip gloves. Arm balance poses, inversions, full wheel, chatarungas and downward facing dog are fantastically better and safer with the added support of the hand grips. With grip gloves on, your mind can let go as you hang out longer in the poses you love or always wanted to try. Get ready to master your workout and don’t forget the gear you need!