Gear Guide for Barre  

barre-class We’re very well aware that barre workouts make you long and lean. It may seem like torture pulsing through those micro movements, but the shake and burn is exactly why those barre babes strut toned legs and tight tushies. The workout is amazing! Since an hour-long barre class is never going to get easier (another reason why it’s so effective), we make sure to bring our gear A-game to the studio. We show up to the studio giving the illusion we know what we’re doing, while every class gives our muscles just enough confusion to make them stronger. We crave the burn!

Our must-have barre class gear checklist:

Barre Socks. Yup, those cute grippy socks will save you! There’s a reason why most barre studios require or highly recommend them. The various leg work you do (think pliès, relevès and squats) will have your feet slipping. You NEED a good grip to keep your form correct and movements safe. plie-barre-grip-socks Hand Towel. You may not be running sprints in barre class, but you will be working up a sweat, er, we mean “a glisten”. Having a small towel by your side is just what you will want for a quick wipe across the forehead. Form-Fitting Bottoms. Whether you wear pants or shorts, make sure they are comfortable and fit close to the body. You and your instructor need to see the tiny movements to ensure proper alignment. Plus, you don’t want to get caught up in or trip over loose garments. Looser layers on top in totally okay. Smile. This is perhaps the most important thing you can bring to barre (besides your grip socks, of course). Smiling just makes everything better. Not only will it release feel good chemicals in your brain alerting you that “hey, this is fun”, but your happy attitude will help others in class have a good time. barre-class-smile Hand weights, resistance bands, balls and, of course, the barre are all provided by the barre studio. All you have to do is show up with your barre gear and work it like you own it.