Get outside with Dad

What do you get the guy who has it all? And if he doesn't have it, he gets it for himself. Every Father's Day, I find myself scrambling for the perfect gift. So this year, I've decided to give him ME. With all of the distractions in our daily lives, carving out quality time can be difficult. But it doesn't have to be. It's all about the setting. Leave your smart phone inside and enjoy the outdoors with Dad. Grab comfortable shoes, sunscreen and snacks, and make him a priority. Whether you walk in silence, discuss current events, or learn about his childhood, you'll be strengthening your relationship and reaping some major health benefits. According to the Harvard Health Letter, spending time outdoors is good for you. While you're outside with Dad, you'll get a dose of vitamin D which can help fight certain conditions, like cancer, depression and heart attacks. You and Dad will be happier because sunshine enhances our mood. You and Dad will be healthier because any physical activity is better than being sedentary in front of the TV or computer. So grab Dad, go outside, and give him the best gift ever!