Getting Primal

Are all advancements improvements? For instance, science and technology have progressed tremendously to heal, cure, and connect. I am thankful for these advancements. On the other hand, there are some advancements that have set us back - culturally, physically and mentally. Just because something is made bigger, faster, smaller, cheaper...doesn't make it better. Advancements in the food industry, for example, have lead to supermarket shelves filled with overly processed that will last for decades. As Dr. Alejandro Junger says in the documenty film Hungry for Change, "We are not eating food anymore, we are eating food-like products." So how did our pre-agricultural ancestors survive before DVR and GMOs? How do we get primal in our technological era? Mark Sisson, American fitness author, offers "10 Get Primal Tips" to help us advance our own health without science and technology. Tips include: 1. Hike - get outside 2. Lift Hard - strength for real-life situations 3. Ditch Grains and Sugar - stay away from processed foods 4. Sleep Smart - remove electronics from the room and make it dark and quiet 5. Relax - find an activity that will clear the mind AND recharge you. (we recommend yoga) And...Mark Sisson says "Going barefoot is one of the most primal things we can do."
video of barefoot running