Great Exploration

Dave's been a Twitter friend for a while. I enjoy seeing his tweets, especially when he shares photos of his awesome experiences using our products. As I look at the photos, I realize he is a very active guy. I enjoy learning about what motivates and inspires others, so I decided to ask him a few questions. His answers are brilliant, beautiful, and from a place we can all learn. Perhaps you will feel like I did... ready for some great exploration! What’s your favorite activity and why? My favorite activity has to remain cycling. I love it for the challenge and the simplicity. I can leave my house and depending on the direction find any type of terrain to explore. To me there is always something new to see along the way and I also find it to be a 'rolling meditation'. I love cycling for another stranger reason: it taught me to ride hard without having to "win". A long time ago I realized the competitiveness was edging out the joy. Each year I saw I had to put on more miles than the last, go faster that the previous month. So one year I noticed I was within about 50 miles of a new record, and even with a month or more of riding weather, just stopped. It was a changing point to realize you can get better without letting competition be your driver.

Dave cyclingCycling Gloves

What motivates you? Dave: Exploration is my motivation. Whether it be reaching high for a mountain summit or reaching deep inside on the mat. There are just so many discoveries waiting and each one is a thrill.

Mt Hood Summit

What’s your favorite part of Fall/Winter? Dave: Winter is turning into my favorite season. Back country snowshoeing or x-sking is the perfect way to get out and just leave everything behind. There is a "cleaness" to the earth you don't always see at other times - and a beer never tastes as good. Snowshoeing Anything you haven’t tried that you’d you like to? Dave: There's not just one thing that's for sure. A long yoga retreat (at an exotic location). An expedition - like a few weeks climbing in the the Northern Cascades or even Alaska. Surfing. Backpacking New Mexico. Solo cycling across the US.

Rock Climbing

Dave and ToeSox...his testimonial: Dave: My first use of ToeSox was of course for yoga. I saw the concept as a winner but I had an alterior motive as well. My town is small and we had no one teaching yoga for 60 miles. When a young yoga teacher, straight from the Sivanada Ashram (CA), came to teach all she could afford was a small room with poor heat and concrete floors. Your Sox were a lifesaver on those winter days. Thank you Dave for inspiring us to get outside or to our mats for great exploration!