Guide to Falling in Love

Our Love Collection has arrived! These cuties come in three different colors and many grip styles: Love Fest, Valentine, and Heart Throb. We're in love this Valentine-inspired capsule of sweet socks. Finding a sole-mate is one thing, but finding a soulmate is quite another. The impending shot from Cupid's bow has us wondering if there's a secret to falling in love. If you're on the hunt for a Valentine or just want to rekindle the fire with a current flame, take a shot at these tricks we found to love: Interview with a Valentine - In a recent New York Times article, Mandy Len Catron recounts her personal experience of following psychologist Arthur Aron's study on interpersonal closeness. Len Catron follows Aron's 36 questions and realizes this might just be the answer to falling in love with anyone. Sharing and listening are definitely steps in the right direction. Potent Potions - A recent visit to the essential oil shop to pick up our dutiful drops of lavender and eucalyptus sparked a quest for knowledge about how essential oils might conjure love. To make your love potion, try these ingredients - alone or in a blend - to promote love and sensuality: sandalwood, ylang ylang, and jasmine. Try dabbing ylang ylang on your wrist or behind your ear for a calming, sensual scent. Love at First Fright - Turns out "chemistry" isn't just a sappy term for a lover's connection, it actually exists. The chemical released by the brain that gives us feelings of love is called adrenaline. This hormone makes the heart race, palms sweat and mouth dry when we are with the person we like. Oddly, it's the same hormone released when we are scared. This means that two people can possibly fall in love if they go through an exciting experience together. Next date: skydive! While our guide to falling in love seems basic, it covers all that's important for a love story: getting to know and like a person, being attracted to them, and having chemistry. Happy Valentine's Day, lovers!