Orange Crush: The Pumpkin

While John Oliver may not be a fan of pumpkin spice, we sure are. This orange gourd symbolizes the onset of fall. The smell alone conjures visions of cozy fires, fluffy sweaters, and holiday giddiness. We embrace the pumpkin. In fact, we have a full on crush on this rotund orange beauty. What other food do we carve, decorate, roast the seeds, puree, drink and eat? If the pure deliciousness isn't enough to lust over, think about the pumpkin's stellar nutritional background? For example, pumpkins are high in fiber, vitamin A, the antioxidant beta-carotene, and free-radical-neutralizing carotenoids. And the seeds are goodies too, filled with the mood-boosting amino acid tryptophan and bad cholesterol reducing phytosterols. So say yes to pumpkin season! Find healthy recipes like this awesome pumpkin pie smoothie or learn these super chic ways to decorate pumpkins. Spice up your life this fall with a little something called pumpkin love.