Packing Tips For Your Next Adventure

image via YogaSlackers
It's exhilarating to summit a mountain, sleep under the stars, cook by campfire, and log hundreds of miles on a road trip. YogaSlackers are keen to nomadic life as they travel the globe for race expeditions, hosting slack line and acroyoga retreats, and conquering nature's toughest terrain by bike and foot. To ready ourselves for the adventure, we turn to our adventure ambassadors for packing tips. 1. Keep a small pack of essential toiletries (like tooth brush, toothpaste, face wipes, sunscreen) readily available for quick refreshes anywhere you go. 2. Pack clothes in compression bags organized by outfits for easy grabbing and no over- thinking. 3. Disconnecting from electronics is ideal but sometimes you need to take your technology with you. Too many cords and cables can get tangled and damaged. Prevent the frustration by using gear ties (like NiteIze Gear Ties). 4. Sam and Raquel always pack a rain jacket and keep it with them in a small dry bag so if/when it rains they also have a place to store their electronics. 5. Store your dirty laundry in a large dry bag to keep it separate from your clean clothes while also doubling as big pillow. 6. Pack your shoes and sandals in shoe bags to keep your things more organized and clean. 7. Stay healthy with easy-to-pack essential oils. Peppermint helps keep you cool on hot days and also relieves headaches and stomachaches. Try lemon essential oil in your water for a zap of nutrients and to balance your pH. Lastly, no matter your destination, YogaSlackers always take these must-haves so they are never left stranded: hydroflask, sunglasses, multi-tool knife (knife, tweezers, tiny scissors, nail clippers), bike repair tool, duct tape, headlamps, snacks, YogaSlackers eLine. Adventure is calling, are you ready to answer its call?