Practice Summer Feet

With the Summer in full swing, our bet is you’re seeing more of your toes than normal. Summer feet love to be naked, which is good thing – whether in strappy sandals, comfy flip flops, or completely bare. Allowing your feet some “birthday suit” time lets them wiggle and spread beyond the confines of boots, sneakers and heels. Sink your soles in the sand, flipper your feet in the pool, and tickle your toes on the soft grass. Pay attention to how you move your toes outside of shoes. Notice how your toes wiggle and spread, how the bones shift under the skin, and how your ankles feel when you flex and point. Then lift your feet to the sky, can you see the sun shining between each toe? Just like memories from a vacation, make muscle memories of how your feet feel and practice Summer feet all year round. For fabulous Summer feet follow these 3 tips: 1. Bare feet are exposed to the sun just like your shoulders and face so be sure to put sunscreen on the tops and soles for extra protection. 2. Show off your mood and your style by decorating your feet. Polish toes in pale pinks or bright blues. Adorn with toe rings or henna tattoos. Or, go au natural. 3. Fasten your feet in Summer sandals that are both comfortable and fashionable. ToeSox best-selling sandals are back - try the Mazzy. Here's to the sun shining between your toes in every season.