Running: Trail vs Road

Running is a great way to ground the body, letting the feet strike the earth. It allows us to breath deep, enjoy the moments of adrenaline and sweat, and squash the monkey mind. The beauty of running is that it doesn't require too much gear. Throw on shorts, a tee, shoes and socks, and go outside. A recent post in Trail Runner Magazine sorts serious runners into two categories: Trail Runners vs. Road Runners. The article notes, "It’s not unusual to see cross over between trail runners and road runners, a more and more road runners are looking for new adventures on the trails. " With that in mind, here's a couple of the funny/true (?) comparisons of the runners you'll find on the trail vs. the road:
• Road runners show up in snazzy matching outfits and Nike track suits. Trail runners have been mistaken for homeless people. • Road runners are constantly checking their watches for split times; trail runners check where the sun is in the sky, to see if they need to take out their headlamps. • Road runners hope they are not overtaken by faster runners; trail runners watch out for mountain lions, rattle snakes, bears or other creatures. • Road runners check for flat fast courses; trail runners look at elevation charts and the scenery. • Road marathons might have up to 40,000 runners, start with fireworks and end with bands and balloons; trail races start with, “Ready, Set . . . GO!” • Road races are meticulously measured and certified; trail runs might be a few miles long, give or take a mile or two. • Road runners count miles and study average pace; trail runners train by time. • And finally, both trail runners and road runners like wearing their race T-shirts and gaining bragging rights.
So which type are you?