Sandals that Save Your Summer

sandals-summer-toesox No matter the season, flip flops are a coveted comfort shoe that gives piggies a break from the squeeze of stilettos. But even sandals can cause discomfort as the sole flips and flops from side to side. With Summer in full swing, find yourself a pair of cute and comfortable sandals to go with every sundress and bikini you slip on this season. It’s time we make a pact for our peds that promises to put them in something they feel and look good in. Enter ToeSox Sandals (shameless plug). 3 questions you should ask when picking out sandals:
  1. Are the sandals comfortable? The sole should be supportive yet have some give as you step and release during your strides.
  2. Are the sandals safe? It’s easy to trip in traditional flip flop sandals or fall off the footbed because there is just one tiny toe post securing that sandal to your foot. ToeSox Sandals have four comfortable toes posts that help keep your foot stable on the shoe.
  3. Do the sandals help my feet? This question is often overlooked but it is a MUST to consider. Why not buy a shoe that helps your feet look good and feel better? Our sandals do. A study has shown that encouraging toes to spread in ToeSox sandals helps alleviate foot pain. Our four toes posts give needed space between each toe.
“At the end of the three months all subjects reported much less foot pain and improved function.” – EBFA Study
You’re probably not thinking about foot health while your laying down your beach blanket, but you should. The tiny little planks at the end of your body carry you from shore to sea, front door to car door, through miles of running, and hours of plié-ing. As they age they will begin to feel the years of torture you’ve put them through from wearing uncomfortable shoes. So give those feet a chance. Pick a pair of sandals that makes your face smile, matches your favorite Summer threads, and most of all, brings a dose of feel-good bliss to your toes.