Simple Ways to Go Green

We're big fans of being green all year round. In celebration of Earth Day, we wanted to share our green practices, as well as unique ways we all can get a little greener in our every day life. At ToeSox, we: 1.) Make grip toe socks are made with 100% organic cotton, and the grip dots are phthalate and BPA-free 2.) Encourage minimal printing in the office 3.) Print our marketing materials, including catalogs, on post consumer materials (a.k.a recycled content) 4.) Use packaging materials that are 100% recyclable 5.) Installed Solatubes in our office so we enjoy refreshing natural light 6.) Have motion-sensitive lights so when we aren't in the room, the lights shut off 7.) Plant a tree for each of our valued wholesale partners Together, let's: 1.) Take a hike - let your feet take you up a mountain, to the grocery store, or around the block 2.) Bring your own mug to the coffee shop. Put your milk and sugar in first and then pour the coffee to naturally stir the ingredients without using a stir stick 3.) Do things the e-way to reduce wasteful printing. Pay bills online, file taxes electronically, choose e-tickets for travel or the movie 4.) Pick up litter - 3 pieces every time you step outside. You may not have dropped it but it feels good to clean it up 5.) Bundle up or cuddle up to stay warm before turning on the heat 6.) Turn off the TV and grab a pack of cards or a good book 7.) Clean and recycle glass food jars into drinking glasses, storage containers, candle holders