Spring Makeover Yourself

The sun is showing its bright face a little earlier these days. The dawning of Spring puts us in the mood for sandals, juicy fruits, bike rides and picnics. Transitioning from Winter to Spring means stirring settled energy. Just as the earth wakens its soils, waterfalls, and flowers, give yourself the same sweet care with a Spring makeover. Skin - Slough away winter skin and refresh your face, arms, legs, and feet with a natural all-over exfoliation. Combine 1 teaspoon sugar with 1/2 teaspoon honey and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Mix well. Add more sugar as needed to thicken your skin-softening concoction. Moisturize your fresh skin with a layer of organic coconut oil. Body - Give yourself a stand - literally. Flush stagnate Winter energy and invigorate muscles by standing more, walking more, moving more. Between driving, working, and dining, our bodies are slouching into a 90 degree degradation. Sit less this Spring. Food - Nature sends us an array of delicious fruits and vegetables each season. We're grateful for the goodness Spring gives us because we get to indulge in sweet apricots, savory asparagus, juicy grapefruit, fresh mint, vibrant strawberries, and tart rhubarb. Don't let Spring slip by without nourishing your body with simple earthy pleasures. Mind - We love a good detox. We recently did a 21-day liver cleanse. Sometimes a detox is more than what we eliminate from our bodies, but rather what we eliminate from our minds. Pay attention to where your attention goes (especially when you wake up and before bed). Are you overdosing on smart phone games, fixating on CIA shows, binging on Netflx? Try spending less time with technology and more enriching quality time with friends, family and yourself. Swap out a TV show with 30-minutes of journaling or a walk around the block. Then pay attention to how that feels. Wardrobe - How much of your closet is shadowed in black, brown, and grey? Push the dark hues to the back and pull out the color! If you're used to wearing all black, try adding a colorful scarf around your neck or bright socks to your feet. You may notice your mood is happier and more appealing to others. Space - The idea of Spring cleaning can be daunting. Just thinking of the sorting, tossing, organizing, and scrubbing has us procrastinating our way to Pilates class. Simplify the process by starting the refresh with the space you use most. Is it your car, kitchen, bedroom, office, or family room? Light a candle, turn the music up and work top to bottom. Once your favorite space is clean and clear, you'll want to send your love into the next room. When you can, please recycle, reuse, and donate unneeded goods. Sometimes the simplest practices can cause a big shift. Something sweet is happening this Spring - and it starts with your makeover. Give love to yourself, give love to your space, and you will feel excited to spread love everywhere.