The Skinny on Sculpt

The physical practice of yoga shapes our minds and bodies as we learn to recognize our strengths, focus on our alignment, and kick our ego to the door. So it may seem a bit unusual to include weights during your yoga practice, but studios everywhere are including a sculpt class on their schedule. If you're ready to kick your asana into higher gear, and your yoga studio offers a sculpt class, give it a try!! You're bound to sweat, flow, tone, and burn off those holiday calories. Here's the skinny on what you'll experience and need: Music - They turn the music up to get grooving through the flows. Water - Everywhere you go, bring water. Make it a habit to stay hydrated - especially for this class! Free weights and/or resistance bands - These added props complement the yoga asanas and are used to further strengthen and sculpt large and small muscles groups. The studio will provide these. Sweat - Yup, you will get sweaty. Many studios that offer these classes turn up the heat to get your muscles engaged which is great for getting lean and detoxing. Hand towel - Since you will sweat, we find it handy to bring a small towel to wipe down during and after class. Yoga mat - Bring a mat to give a little cushion to your feet, knees, back and hands. Bring your own or rent one from your studio (if they offer this service). Yoga socks - Did we mention you'll sweat? Wear yoga socks for a non-slip and hygienic practice (they're practical and cute). Shop our grip socks. Grip gloves - Sweaty hands make it tough to hold the weights so you'll want to wear grippy gloves to help keep you focused and safe. Shop our grip gloves. Ready to sculpt? We are.