A gift guide to the perfect present

holiday socks on red blanket Have you ever received a gift you didn’t know what to do with? Often the generous gift giver wraps with love a gift that they themselves want. The golden rule just doesn’t work when it comes to gift giving - we shouldn’t gift to others what we want gifted to us. With that in mind, it’s important to give a gift with purpose. That’s why we created a Holiday Gift Guide to help you give a gift based on what THEY love. It’s like a cheat sheet for the perfect present. Before you start shopping, follow these 3 steps for stress-free holiday shopping:
  1. Make a list of the people you want to buy a gift for
  2. Next to each name, write down what they love to do
  3. Reference our guide below to match their passion with the perfect gift

Studio Fashionista

You find her in yoga, Pilates or barre class. She loves staying in shape and staying in style. Gift ideas: holiday-gift-guide-yoga-studio

Mile Clocker

Whether it's long walks in the fresh air or training for a race, this gal wants to make the most of every mile. Gift Ideas: holiday-gift-guide-runner

Crossfit Junkie

If she can't skip a Workout of the Day then she's bound to love bold and energetic gifts that support her training. Gift Ideas: holiday-gift-guide-crossfit

Move and Shaker

Does her love of dance keep her toes on the go? Layer her with love and style. Gift Ideas: holiday-gift-guide-dance

World Traveler

She's got the travel bug and is always planning her next adventure. Gift Ideas: holiday-gift-guide-travel