Check out our collection of low rise women’s socks. These aren’t your ordinary ankle socks—in fact, some have called them one of the best yoga and pilates grips socks. Of course, we agree. What makes them the best yoga socks? They’re designed for maximum stability, so you can perform a Vinyasa flow with ease. Their traction and support also makes them one of the best socks for pilates—no need to fear that stability ball.

          Our low rise grip socks are just as functional as they are fashionable. They provide additional support during barefoot exercises and look cute while doing so. Our line of Savvy grip socks come in neutral colors and a variety of fun patterns, perfect for yoga or pilates. The Emma low rise grip sock is a great grip sock for barre. It features an elegant silhouette and cushioned heel tab to provide extra support to your achilles during ballet barre workouts. Sick of your socks shifting while working out on the pilates reformer? Give Chloe a try. A criss-cross elastic band provides extra assurances that that sock is going nowhere. 

          Have you ever wondered “what are grip socks for?” Well, it's time you learned first-hand. Explore our entire catalog of full foot grip socks and experience the difference grip socks can make in your barre, pilates, or yoga practice.