All in the details: Our Fall Look


So long Summer, it’s officially Fall! While we’ll miss bikini weather, we definitely look forward to the senses of the Autumn Season. Everything is richer…leaves turn from light green to deep crimson; juicy watermelons are swapped with plump pumpkins; warm vanilla and cinnamon scents take the place of the salty ocean air; and light linens are put away to make room for textured layers. Not only does the season put our senses into overdrive, nature also offers the most beautiful details that bring us great inspiration for our Fall Collection. Pay attention to the pretty patterns and pops of color that show up this season - falling leaves, bright glowing embers and twinkling lights. This Fall/Winter 2016 we deliver subtle beauty and delicate styling into our grip socks and casual socks. An unexpected hint of color here, a touch of shimmer there, woven knit patterns and artfully placed rhinestones step up classic pieces. This season’s inspiration can be found in the tiniest of details. f16-details-toesox