All you need to survive the winter

legwarmers-cozy-toesox Baby it's cold outside! Winter is here and it's time to steer clear of shivers and sniffles. See our tips on how to survive the winter! According to WedMD, "research suggests that as internal body temperatures fall after exposure to cold air, so too does the immune system's ability to beat back the rhinovirus that causes the common cold." To help our bundled up babes battle chilling temps, we've rounded up products for a perfect Winter Survival Kit.

Stock up on these essentials to keep you warm and cozy:

  1. Leg warmers - It feels good layering up in warm sweaters so treat your lower extremities with the same love you give your upper half. Leg warmers are sweaters for your legs. Layer over leggings, jeans and tights and stay warm inside or on the go.
  2. Socks - Pair your favorite warm shoes with your favorite comfortable socks to keep the feet and body feeling great.
  3. Lip balm - Cold weather is dry and leaves skin and lips chapped and flaky. Keep a tube of natural lip balm handy to soothe raw lips.
  4. Scarf - Wrapping a scarf around your neck is not only a cute way to stoke your Winter style, but keeping the neck warm will help your health. According to Chinese medicine, the skin on the sides and back of the neck are called "wind points" and act as an extension of the lungs. Perhaps keeping a warm neck keeps the chest cold at bay.
  5. Essential oils, warm lemon water and organic tea - Add these to your daily ritual for proactive and homeopathic health care.
  6. Throw blanket - Nothing is sweeter in the Winter than curling up on the couch with a soft blanket and a good book (or the romcom classic Love Actually.)
  7. Candle - Lighting a candle is great practice for mental stress relief. We know that stress causes sickness, so heal the mind with the flicker of a flame.
  8. Exercise - While the sweet indulgences may temper your motivation to hit a barre class, movement is essential for your health. Make sure to get to Pilates class or practice yoga at home. Your body will thank you.
Winter-survival-kit We wish you a Winter of wellness, friends.