Dance bag essentials

dance-socks-leap The life of a dancer means long hours at the studio doing what you love. It may also seem like you’re living out of your dance bag. Check out our dance bag essentials and stay on pointe!Be prepared for what your day may hold by packing your bag with these dance essentials: dance-bag-essentials

Dance socks

Plie and Releve dance socks by ToeSox have a leather pad to protect and comfort your feet while giving you perfect traction for turns and stops. Pack an extra pair in case you forget a pair at home (or want to spin in a different color).

Cover up

It’s important to keep your body warm so muscles can flex and extend better. That means putting on layers of warmth – upper body and lower body too. We love this Battu Cover Up by Free People. ToeSox thigh high leg warmers are great over leggings, tights and pair great with dance shorts.

Hair accessories

Whether it’s a tight bun, loose top knot or letting your locks free in a ponytail, having spare hair ties and bobby pins helps your tresses stay in place. Plus, you'll have extra for a dance friend in need.

Feet wipes

After a long day in half toe dance socks, your feet may need a swift wipe down. These wipes by Bunheads are antibacterial and antifungal.


Pack sustenance to keep your body and mind fueled. These bars by Aloha are light yet filling and are packed with protein.

Dance bag

Don’t forget about a bag that fits everything it in, has plenty of pockets and is comfortable to wear over your shoulder. This one by Capezio has the nooks and crannies we need. Keep dancing with all of your heart. Your dance bag of essentials is packed and ready for you when it’s break time.