Doing Our Daily Best

As we begin our Fit 4 Summer Challenge on May 1, we know we are making a commitment to doing something fitness related every day for 31 days. We hope you'll join us for the fun. To get started, we also want to implement five daily wellness practices to support our activity. 1. Morning Squeeze.
When you rise drinking 16 oz of water with the juice of ½ a lemon. The first 8 oz are to wake up your digestion, and the second 8 oz will reach each organ. Lemon’s alkalizing effects flushes excess acid from the stomach into the large intestine to create a healthy pH balance for your day. (via Nourishmint Wellness)
2. Reduce or eliminate caffeine. Let your fitness regiment and whole foods provide the energy you need throughout the day. Try a piece of fruit and almond butter for an afternoon jolt. 3. Reduce or eliminate sugars and simple carbs. Watch your intake of refined sugar, pasta, breads, and potatoes. 4. Breathe Deep. Throughout the day, be sure to take in several deep breaths so you exercise your lung capacity, increase energy, and alkalize your body. 5. Attitude of Gratitude. Take a moment each morning and each night to think about (and write about) what you are thankful for. This gratitude practice has proven to improve moods and physical well-being.