Fall Style For Your Workout

Fall-studio-style-header Style shouldn’t be reserved for the runway. Infusing your style into everyday activities, even the sweatiest of workouts, is an expression of YOU. So, in celebration of a new season, we put together some of our favorite looks for fall, all based on the idea of simplicity and beauty. Fall-studio-style-social

Top Fall Styles For Your Next Workout

Fall-studio-style-pattern2 Pattern Statement Piece Updating your closet every season with fun, on-trend prints and patterns can be a pricey endeavor. Luckily, we roll out seasonal colors and patterns in grip socks so you can regularly restock your sock drawer at a fraction of the price. For this look, we put on the basics – leggings and top - and make the socks the state piece with a fun pattern you love. Your feet are supporting the entire body during your workout, so you should probably treat them to something special. Fall-studio-style-color Pop of Color Color has amazing power. It’s sends an energetic vibration out and gives you all the feels – happy, sad, calm. Think about it. There are probably colors you are drawn to and others you just don’t prefer. For this look, we play with the colors of the season – they’re subdued hues that still feel playful. Find your happy color pair of grip socks and let them push you through your workout. Fall-studio-style-shades So Shady One of our favorite looks this season is the cohesive look of wearing all one color. It’s okay if the matching isn’t perfect, because the combination is simply sleek. Sticking with one color from head to five toes makes you appear longer because the eyes see one long line. Our grip socks come in an array of shades to work with – from bright pinks, to subtle purples, to classic neutrals. Fall-studio-style-texture Get Textural Autumn channels visions of bare trees, crackling fires, and steeping teas. It’s all about being cozy. But before you get too cozy, you must get your workout in. This is where our yummy textures come in to bring your outside vibe into the studio. Leggings with chunky knits and grip socks with pretty textures keep your style hot, hot, hot, and super comfortable.