Healthy Fall Foods and Favorite Recipes

healthy-fall-foods You know it’s Fall when pumpkin spice lattes come on the scene and everything is colored orange. Ever notice how the cozy months of Fall trigger a whole different kind of cravings from Summer? Summer has us slurping juicy fruits and crunching raw veggies, where Fall brings in heartier meals and savory spices. Don’t be startled if you’re low carb habits change to noshing on sweet potatoes and parsnips. It’s healthy for your cravings to shift as the seasons do. For one thing, it’s important to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables because that is when they are freshest, most flavorful, and most nutrient-dense. And, according to MindBodyGreen, eating for the seasons also supports the environment. “Food grown outside of their season or natural environment need a lot more human assistance in forms of pesticides, waxes, chemicals and preservatives to grow and look appealing to us consumers.”

Healthy Fall Foods

Next time you’re at the market, head straight to the produce area and stock up on these nutrient-dense fall foods that make your kitchen more colorful and your tummy super satisfied.
  • Apples – antioxidant-rich and great source of fiber (the skin)
  • Brussels Sprouts – vitamin K, folate, iron
  • Parsnips – potassium and fiber
  • Pears – great source of vitamin C, copper, fiber
  • Cauliflower – super healthy phytonutrients lower cholesterol
  • Squash – important omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A
  • Pumpkin – potassium, vitamin B, > 20% of your daily recommended intake of fiber
  • Pomegranates – antioxidants, vitamin C, folate
  • Dates – low in fat, high in fiber and potassium
  • Tangerines – high in vitamin C and beta-carotene

Healthy Fall Recipes

Using the fresh seasonal produce we picked up, we’re ready to nourish our bodies with delicious meals that will fully satisfy our cravings for savory and sweet. Try these east Fall recipes.


pumpkin-almond-butter Pumpkin Chia Almond Butter Slice some apples up and take this yummy snack on the go. It's an amazing afternoon snack or post Pilates class treat. Get the recipe on Eating Bird Food

Side Dish

brussels-sprouts-recipe Sautèed Brussels Sprouts with Parmesan and Pine Nuts Everything about this dish is heaven. It's a savory side that makes the mouth water. Get the recipe on


chicken-enchilada-spaghetti-squash 5-Ingredient Chicken Enchilada-Stuffed Spaghetti Squash We're always on the hunt for easy meals we can make after a busy day of work, workouts, and family time. This one tops our list because it's equal parts healthy, simple and indulgent. Get the recipe on Eating Well.


pear-cinnamon-bake Cinnamon Pear Bake In our book, a great meal ends with a sweet treat. But we always don't want to go overboard with sugar. After all, we don't want to undo all of that tucking we do in barre class. This yummy dessert is the perfect way to satisfy our sweet tooth. Get the recipe on Delish.