3 simple ways to help a friend fight breast cancer

Fight Breast Cancer The statistic is staggering – according to American Cancer Society 1 in 8 women in the US will develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime. You might even be able to name someone (or several) amongst your circle of friends and family who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. As soon as the news is shared we immediately want to go to battle in honor of our loved one. No matter what we do it never feels like enough – not compared to what they are going through. Don’t let yourself feel confined by time, money or resources in helping. Do what you can and know that what matters most is the heart behind the action. Here are 3 simple ways you can help a friend fight breast cancer:
  1. Learn more

The more informed you are about the cause, the more you can understand the symptoms, treatments and healing process. You will also be better equipped in your own life to ensure early detection. You can help by sharing the proactive steps others can take for earlier detection.
  1. Show up

Just being there is the greatest gift. This can actualize in various ways. Hold her hand during chemo. Call her daily and ask how she doing that day. Pick her kids up from school. Attend a fundraising event (even if you aren’t able to financially donate). Studio Barre has a Wednesday We Wear Wigs class to support their Founder Shannon Higgins and her battle with breast cancer. Just going to a barre class (for example) can mean the world to your friend and the community.
  1. Donate

Whether it’s a national walk, a local event, or a personal fundraising rally, financial support (in any amount) not only shows your support but it makes an impact in various forms – from funding research, to raising awareness, to helping with medical bills. If you can’t donate money, donate resources or time. For example, help gather raffle prizes for the fundraiser. ToeSox makes a commitment to the cause by donating to our San Diego neighbor Keep-a-Breast, as well as supporting our distributors, dealers and friends that are fighting cancer. In the midst of bad news, comes an opportunity to help. We hope you won’t feel paralyzed by the feeling that nothing will help. The smallest gesture can send a ripple effect to change the world and help end breast cancer.