#MorningRituals with the balanced blonde and aloha

It’s a pretty good day of work when we get to spend it with Jordan Younger (aka @thebalancedblonde) and ALOHA. Jordan is an LA yogi who is also author of the soon to be released book, Breaking Vegan. We love following Jordan on Instagram as she shares her daily whereabouts and happenings. We all know that a busy and active life, can leave us off kilter. So how does this balanced blonde keep her busy life in gear? We caught up with Jordan to find out about how she starts her day and keeps it all in balance. What time do you usually start your day? I like to start my mornings around 7am so I have plenty of time to wake up, cuddle with my kitty, make my bulletproof coffee, stretch, and meditate before I start working or exercising. Lately, my kitten Hudson has been keeping me in bed longer in the mornings because I hate getting out of bed when he's all cuddly and warm! I am lucky to have a schedule that allows extra breathing room timing-wise when I need it. What are your regular morning rituals? I always start my day with a glass of warm water with lemon. Because I am so active and also because my body is prone to getting dehydrated, I always wake up needing water. It also helps me wake up and is great for digestion and metabolism. Then I have a big glass of cold brew coffee with almond milk and usually with Bulletproof MCT oil for brain function and alertness. I love, love coffee. I also love to run in the mornings so I start my day off with a nice energy jolt, and I always make sure to have some "me time" with meditation and yoga stretching before I get on the computer to start working each day! With such a crazy schedule and an ever growing list of things to do how do you make sure you start your day balanced? I do not look at my phone first thing in the morning. I used to have a terrible habit of rolling over in the morning and going straight to my texts and emails, which is just about the most stressful way possible to start your day. I avoid technology for at least the first 20-30 minutes after waking up if not longer, and it helps me reevaluate my goals and inspiration for the day. It's nice to reflect and give yourself time to wake up and start the morning without feeling the immediate sensation to be in contact and be "on." To be honest, my kitten Hudson has helped a lot with that lifestyle change, since observing him and his extremely laid-back personality in the morning has made me realize there is no rush. Life is to be enjoyed, not hurried through. Your new book is coming out - did you spend your mornings editing? Yes, my book Breaking Vegan will be out this November! I am so excited. I used to spend all hours of the day editing and writing. I would wake up panicking about a certain paragraph that I knew I didn't like or thinking about all of the changes I wanted to make or new ideas that I had. With that project finished and ready to be released into the world, I definitely wake up a little calmer these days! But come launch day -- I know I will be up at dawn way too thrilled!
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