How to be one cool betty

sport-socks-kirsten-mayer-KONA When creating any new collection, like ToeSox Sport Socks, we look for inspiration around us – color, design and purpose. Living in Southern California provides us no shortage of any of these items. If you drive down the Coast Highway, you will get a dose of inspiration (and motivation) as hundreds of people run, bike and swim in the beautiful environment they call home. One of these fitspirational beauties is Kristin Mayer. She runs Hwy 101 with ponytail swinging, gear blazing and smile shining. She is a mom, triathlete, designer, entrepreneur and founder of Betty Designs. She is a badass inspiring every woman (aka Betty) to embrace her own badassery. kristen-mayer-betty-designs We caught up with Kristin to learn more about how she became the coolest Betty we know.

How did you first get involved in triathlons?

After I graduated from college I started running and met a couple of guys who raced. They helped me get my first road bike and learn how to open water swim.

Do you recall the moment that lead to creating Betty Designs?

My ah-ha moment was when I had become a single mom and needed to find a way to make some extra income. I had designed cycling kits in the past so jerseys were the first things I tried. Once I saw that I might be onto something, I slowly added more items that included tri kits, swimsuits, and accessories. I created things that I wanted to wear.

What does badass mean to you? And how do you spot one?

Badass means being tough and strong, both mentally and physically. Being willing to push yourself. Take risks. Be an honest, humble and kind person. You can spot a badass because she is passionate, real and embraces everything in her life.

What is your biggest passion in life?

Most definitely being a mom. I only wish I had a couple more kids. Second is a tie between design and fashion.

What is your morning ritual?

I'm up ridiculously early to get the monotonous business stuff out of the way, then I go do a workout of some kind and then get into my creative work for the day.

What is the last thing you do before bed?

Chill on the sofa with my boys (boyfriend and son).

How do you stay balanced - being a mom, entrepreneur and athlete?

It's a constant challenge, but I've learned to be flexible. Plain and simply - make time for the things I love. I have always been passionate about a lot of different things—being a mom, working hard, staying fit and spending time with those I love, so I divide my days into little compartments. I need to get a bit better at making down time for myself where I just chill for 20-30 minutes with no electronics, work distractions, etc.

What your go-to power meal?

Oh goodness. I am the opposite of most fit people in that I eat it all. Gluten, dairy, sugar. I'm most definitely a carb-Queen! When I'm back from a really hard workout I love to make a chocolate/peanut butter protein smoothie and then have a side of rice with Sriracha to get some of the salty/savory side. (LOL) I love a good pizza and glass of wine. WATCH: The Story of Betty Designs