How to stay in line with what you want

yoga-socks-handstand-stripes You are ready and you can do it! Healthy habits need to be established to make lasting change, but it’s more than just 21 days of practice. There are two crucial elements needed to make your goal become an achievement: belief and support.


Tap into your inner self and find the true intention for what you want and WHY. Belief is the foundation of the habit.


Once you frame your goal with solid intention you need tools to support you. Support is the structure of the habit. So what does that look like? Take a peek at the lifestyle pieces we use to build belief in ourselves and support our actions to a life of good health and happiness.Stay in line with your healthy intentions this year! Health-tools-new-you
  1. Vision boards filled with visual representations of your goals are proven to inspire you and reel in opportunities.
  2. Journaling is a great way get your thoughts, desires and fears out of your head to incite action.
  3. Fitbit, MyFitnessPal or any type of technology-based support system that monitors your efforts and progress helps keep you on track.
  4. Healthy supplements help our internal body get into optimal shape. We like digestive bitters because it curbs sugar cravings, soothes gas and bloating, and balances our appetite
  5. Feel-good gear lets you look good and perform even better. Our must-haves include grip socks for studio fitness (barre, yoga, Pilates) and grip gloves for everything from hot yoga to crossfit.
  6. Letting the body recover after exertion allows it to heal and find strength for the next workout. After all, consistency is the key to forming habits. Use compression socks to alleviate swelling and increase blood flow. Use a foam roller to massage tight muscles and release the fascia.
Now is the time to start. Your habits will lead you to ultimate success. Here’s to good health!