Lust List for Holiday Gift Giving

holiday-gift-guide-header Tis the season for gifting! While this time of the year is about gratitude and giving, we tend to get a little overwhelmed and angsty with what to buy the ones we love. Gift giving is a form of love which is why we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to find the perfect gift. The fact is, that the best gifts come in small packages and don’t have to cost a lot. Instead of battling the crowds and standing in long lines, we’re opting to settle our nerves by spending more time outside and less time inside (shopping). The key to calming your nerves is preparation. All yearlong we note the items we lust after – not just for ourselves, but for our family and friends. Each time we see something we love or know they will love, we put it in our memory bank – or more conveniently a private Pinterest board - so when it comes time for shopping shenanigans, we already have a list ready. Being amongst hustling and bustling shoppers can put us in the holiday spirit, but we’d rather spend more time doing the things we love with the ones we love.

Our Lust List: Gifts $50 or less

toesox-holiday-guide-crop 1.) Studio Grippy Socks Whether your best fitness friend is shaping up in Pilates, Barre, Yoga or has her own at-home exercise routine, she needs grip socks to her safe and stylish. This season ToeSox has sparkling rhinestones to really get her soles swooning. Shop: Toesox Bellarina grip socks in Nightlife, $18, 2.) Preachy Tee What better way to help her show off how beautiful and radiant she in from the inside out with a positive preachy tee she can wear everywhere. Shop: Breathe Deep Tank, $50, 3.) Colorful Polish A bottle of nail polish is a reminder that she deserves some pampering with a pedicure. Gift her with a non-toxic and beautiful shade she can use time and time again. Shop: RMS non-toxic nail polish, $15, 4.) Hair Ties We all need them because we all lose them. It’s a horrible feeling jumping on a spin bike or getting to hot yoga and realizing you have nothing to hold you hair back. These ouch-less hair bands are pretty on the wrist and in the hair, and will save her in dire times. Shop: Carbon38 hair tie, $9, 5.) Coconut Moisturizer Between contagious winter colds that make us wash our hands more and brisk, dry air all around, our skin is in a drought. Natural, creamy lotion made from delightful coconut oil is the best gift ever! Shop: Coconut Balm, $32, 4.) Leg Warmers The best accessory for studio- or street-wear this season is a pair of leg warmers. Our open heel style features a beautiful knit pattern that layers over leggings and grip socks or can be worn with jeans and killer boots. Shop: ToeSox open heel leg warmers >> $22 >>