New Grip Socks Workout of the Year

Working out is one our favorite activities - at the barre studio, gym or on the trails, it doesn’t matter where or how we’re breaking a sweat. A pair of grip socks literally goes everywhere with us – we never know when we’ll find the next amazing workout we love. Like battle ropes! Trainer Kaitlin, one of our influencers, introduced us to this strength-building, body-sculpting workout, and we’re hooked. As a personal trainer, specialist in exercise therapy, and battle ropes education expert, Trainer Kaitlin finds endless workout opportunities with these fierce (dare we say intimidating) pieces of unique equipment. Ready to try something new that works? Grab your grip socks because it’s time for 2019’s Grip Sock Workout that will transform you into a beautiful beast.

The Beautiful Beast Workout

Exercise 1 - Seated Rainbows

Do 4 rounds of 20 seconds with 10 seconds rest in between sets.

Exercise 2 - Clock Drops

Do for 50 seconds

Exercise 3 - Teaser with Lateral Waves

Do 4 rounds of 20 seconds

Exercise 4 - Roll Over Jack Knife

Do for 50 seconds

Exercise 5 - Straddle Slams

Do 4 rounds of 20 seconds

Extra Beast work!

Get creative and have some fun!

More about Trainer Kaitlin

Years ago, Kaitlin suffered from intense anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and a severe and debilitating seizure disorder. Her muscles were wasted as she spent much of her time in bed. Doctors tried to treat the seizures with more and more medication with no avail. As time passed, they learned that they were stress induced and she slowly learned to manage them, but not eliminate them. Fast forward to her meeting her husband and becoming pregnant! She wanted nothing more in the world than to be the best role model for her daughter Tidyn, so she took up a healthy lifestyle. The seizures have disappeared, and she feels mentally and physically positive and healthy. She quickly fell in love with all types of training and studied to become a trainer. Her favorite way to train is with the battle ropes! Follow her on Instagram (@trainerkaitlin)