Pick or Pass on Produce

If you're like us, we want to know what we're ingesting. That's why we like to review the Environmental Working Group's (EWG) annual Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce. According to Well+Good, the data compiled for this Guide "comes from tests done by the USDA, in which produce is washed and peeled to mimic what a consumer would do before it’s tested. After EWG compiles the data, analysts classify the 48 popular fruits and veggies into the 12 that contained the most pesticide residues—The Dirty Dozen—and the 15 that contained the least—The Clean 15. (The Clean 15 were found to have the least pesticide residue, not necessarily no residue.)" We love this cheat sheet card because it makes our produce picking more pleasant and more efficient. Just cut around the sides, fold in the middle, and keep with your reusable grocery bags for the next trip to the market... voila! Together we can make a difference on our health and our communities by being better informed about the foods we buy, choosing organic, and shopping local.