Run a mile a day

Koya Webb for ToeSox-46 If you’re new to running, you may have noticed several unusual things happening to your body that you have to adjust to.
  • First, your heel-to-toe walking-stride changes when you run so where you land on your foot is different. This is why you might experience calf or shin soreness.
  • Second, muscles you didn’t know existed start getting stronger and more defined – especially in the legs around the quadriceps. (Don’t be surprised to see your shoulders and waist look leaner too!)
  • Third, running is great for our endurance. It’s important to include cardio training to help burn calories, improve metabolism and strengthen the heart and lungs. Your legs aren’t the only things shaping up – your lungs will be better for the effort you put in.

How do you get started?

ToeSox ambassador and fitness fanatic Koya Webb inspires people daily with her #GetLovedUp challenges. Her motivational posts about exercise and nutrition empower the pro and the newbie to take action. In Day 5 of 28 in the challenge, Koya encourages us to run a mile a day. You might not think a mile will do any good, but it’s a great place to start. American College of Cardiology reports, “Running, even 5-10 minutes a day, at slow speeds, even slower than 6 miles per hour <10:00 minute pace>, is associated with markedly reduced risks of death from all causes and cardiovascular disease.” This study is motivation to those who want to start a running regiment but might be discouraged by their slow start. As with any new exercise program, the key is to wear the right gear and work your way into faster speeds, longer distances, and more weights. The goal is to build strength and endurance while avoiding injury. “Start where you are! Just walking a mile first on the treadmill, outside or around your house is good enough,” says Koya, “The key is to be active daily for at least 10-30 minutes.” Take on the #GetLovedUp challenge with Koya. Not only are you given motivational action items but you also receive delicious vegan recipes for post-workout enjoyment! Give your legs some R&R recovery in compression socks while you sip on this cold beverage delight! Piña Colada Smoothie 1 c coconut water 1 c chopped pineapple (frozen) 2 bananas 5 dates 2 dropper toffee stevia 1/2 vanilla bean 1 Scoop Sun Warrior Protein (Vanilla) Optional Toppings: cinnamon, shredded coconut and pineapple chunks. Directions:
  1. Toss all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth and silky.
  2. Top with desired toppings and enjoy!