Seasonal shift: the arrival of fall

The dawn of fall is a time of balancing the dark and the light. As the days get shorter and outer light retreats, we turn inward to balance and draw light from within. The sun takes on a vivid, yet subtle glow. Leaves turn brilliant shades of orange, gold and red. As stars shine brighter at night, the instinct to layer up, settle in and prepare for colder months takes hold. Each season brings with it change. From the color of leaves to the earth's texture, from the foods that sprout to the weather outside. All of these changes get reflected in what we wear, what we do and how we feel. For our Fall Collection, the mood is cozy and rich with luxurious colors and fabrics. Brocade patterns, textured knits and tapestry-inspired prints take us from studio to street and back. Welcome to fall. View our Fall 2015 Lookbook.