Spreading Love and Toes On the Run

by guest blogger SoCal Runner Gal I’m a runner and I have the feet to prove it. Blisters, black toenails, callouses, you name it. My feet are far from pretty but after a decade of running, I’ve finally learned to appreciate them. I used to hide my calloused and battered little toes from the eyes of others and I even avoided pedicures because I didn’t think any person should be subjected to my feet. But that’s silly because after all, these soles helped me cross the finish line at the Boston Marathon and and these toes held me in tree pose as I overlooked a jungle in Thailand. These are also the very feet that kiss the earth every single day. Nowadays, I embrace my gnarly feet and I give them all the love. That’s how I got hooked on ToeSox in the first place. Slipping on a pair is like giving my feet a well deserved hug. I wear my ToeSox on the mat to practice yoga and in the studio to take barre classes. Now ToeSox has gone even further and created the Zoe, a compression sock that I wear for running and recovery from long runs. As a marathon runner, compression socks are essential on my long runs and the key to recovery because of their physical benefits like increased circulation and reduced inflammation. The Zoe is a beautiful knee high compression sock with the usual seamless five toe construction to prevent blisters and friction. The design is meant to allow your foot to move in the most natural way possible. The Zoes are stylish and super functional as always but they have the added physical benefits of compression making them the super star of all ToeSox. As a long distance runner I swear by compression and recommend every runner give it a whirl. Go for a trial run at a longer distance in a pair of compression socks and see if you notice a difference. Also try wearing them for a few hours after a really tough run and notice how you recover and feel the next day. Our feet and legs work incredibly hard for us and I believe they deserve the royal treatment. If we expect them to perform at their best, we need to give them lots of love and a tight squeeze from time to time. And if you’re like me and have some less than pretty looking feet, don’t be shy. Be grateful for the finish lines they’ve helped you cross, the many miles of training they’ve let you endure and the places they’ve allowed you to explore. Learn more about SoCal Runner Gal here and meet her on Instagram @socalrunnergal