Staff Picks: Playing favorites for Fall

staff-picks-toesox The products we create are designed for active individuals – we have a passion for natural movement and vibrant living. So it’s not surprising that the ToeSox staff is also a pretty active family. You might see us taking our lunch break at yoga class, going to the barre after work or hitting the trails on the weekends. We wear ToeSox for what we do and we also have a few go-to favorites we grab from our drawer. Around the alkaline water cooler, we asked our team which ToeSox Fall 2016 colors and styles top their list.

Staff Fall Favorites:

“My favorite ToeSox are the Full-Toe Bellarina grip socks because I can use them all year round and they feel less hot to wear during barre, yoga, or walking around my house. I like to use my ToeSox during my barre classes. And I have the Lolo sport socks that I love to use weekly when I go to the gym or on a run.” – Victoria, Customer Service Socks_Grip_Bellarina_FT_Mermaid “I like the Half Toe Low Rise barre socks in Black… My fashion “personality” is mix and matching basics and particularly when I work out.” Tina, Sales Socks_Grip_LowRise_FT_Violet “I like to use ToeSox for barre. They’re also good for walking around on the wooden and tile floors at home…There’s so many pretty colors! I think it’s a tie between Pepper and Confetti. The bright pops of color could describe my quirky and fun personality.” – Elvira, Customer Service Socks_Grip_Scrunch_FT_Confetti “Full Toe Low Rise grip socks are my favorite for Barre and Yoga - I just love having my foot covered, especially when paired with long yoga pants.” – Saidy, Customer Service WEB_Socks_Sport_Lolo_4AMIce “I have two favorite ToeSox styles. The Half Toe Bellarina because they are cute, stay in place, and help me grip the studio floor while practicing. I also like the Lolo Sport Socks. It stays put in my shoe, is really soft and allows me to wiggle my toes while I’m wearing shoes.” – Adrienne, Sales Operations Manager “My favorite is the Full Toe Low Rise. They stay in place the best while doing lunges, side planks, etc. I don’t get pedicures frequently enough for the half-toe socks, but I like them just as well!” Jenny in Sales wears her ToeSox during Pilates, Barre, Cycle, run, travel, lounge “I love love love the HT Bellarina in Heather Grey with Lime paired up with matching Lime Grip Gloves for yoga (and chasing my kids around the house).” - Mindy, Sales