Summer at the Barre Tips

image courtesy Studio Barre
Take a break from the Summer sun and belly up to the barre, ahem, ballet barre that is. There are countless benefits to the movements performed on repeat during a barre class. "Barre is truly a full body workout," says Studio Barre Owner Shannon Higgins, "however, if I had to choose one area that barre class tones the most, it would be the core." This is music to our ears since we're in need of bikini-clad beach time. We turn to Higgins for some tummy toning tips straight from her choreographed Studio Barre classes. Best core exercise "During our barre classes, each move is intended to challenge and strengthen your core, no matter which body part you think your targeting (abs, arms, backside). One of the greatest core exercises that is tried and true and a fixture in my classes is the good old-fashioned plank. A 60-second plank is such a simple move, but it does wonders for your body! I always encourage people to at least squeeze in some forearm plank action every single day, whether you can make it to class or not. One minute in plank, you’re strengthening your entire core, your obliques and lower and upper abs." Try this core challenge: Add a tucking motion while in plank position. Try for the entire minute or the last 30 seconds. If you’re a beginner, you can always start with doing plank on your knees and you will still achieve great benefit. Summer barre tip "If you have the schedule flexibility, do your barre workout in early in the day – especially if you’re heading to the beach. You’ll feel toned and confident when you’re in your bikini or sundress, and accomplished from your killer workout." Make it count "You can’t fake confidence and it’s something that people notice. During that one-hour class, remember your goals and be fully dedicated to them, making every single minute count. Don’t cheat yourself, challenge yourself. When you’re done with your workout, you and your toned, hot bod can go frolic on the sand or lounge by the pool with a feeling of achievement." Remember this... "It’s important to constantly consider your posture during barre class. Stand up straight, relax your shoulders and lengthen your neck as if someone were pulling your pony tail straight up in the air -- this will make you look taller (and leaner) and appear more confident." See you at barre and the beach. Learn more about Studio Barre.