Travel Light

~Teeki and ToeSox in Bali, photographed by Ashley Streff~
I pride myself on being a stellar packer. Packing a suitcase for a weekend getaway or a week vacation is like completing a Tetris puzzle. And if all goes well, I can avoid checking a bag too! The process taps into my inner neurosis. I head out on my journey knowing I have plenty of outfits to last me days longer than my itinerary dictates. I rejoice in my skills until the day I need to pack up for my departure. Not only am I saddened to end my adventure, but I find my bag somehow expanded like cooked quinoa. No longer can I squeeze it all in. Sure, I may have picked up a need-to-have dress that matches my newly purchased sandals and pick up thank you gifts for my dogsitter. But still, how can I head out with room to spare, and return busting at the seams? I've pondered this predicament and thus listed DOs and DON'Ts to combat my packing woes.

DO try new and fun activities.

DON'T bring all of your equipment. If you're a novice snorkeler, rental gear is worth it!

DO practice yoga poses to help with jet lag and circulation - like downward facing dog or legs up the wall.

DON'T pack your mat. The average yoga mat will take up to two (2) feet of space and add 5 lbs to your suitcase. Grip socks and grip gloves are a great alternative.

DO embrace your body.

DON'T pack a slew of coverups. One will do.

DO pack basics that can easily match other statement pieces.

DON'T pack a completely new outfit for each day.

DO love your face and pack a simple make-up kit - sunscreen, mineral powder, mascara, and lip gloss will do.

DON'T bring your entire make-up case. Let your "I'm on vacation" glow radiate.

DO go easy on technology.

DON'T take all of your gadgets. Let your mind unwind and disconnect.

These travel light tips have worked for me. What can you go without to make room for a lighter mind and suitcase?