What to pack to stay healthy when you travel

kenna-crouch-travel-yoga-1 Kenna Crouch is a ToeSox Ambassador, world traveler, dancer and yogini. Just in 2015, she and her Italian fiancé have traveled to India, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, England, Arizona and California! She takes her ToeSox with her wherever she goes and has certainly learned a thing or two about jet setting to other locales with ease. Follow her advice on what to bring on your travels and why.

What's in my carry-on? by Kenna Crouch

As a globe-trotting yogini and dancer, I’ve learned a thing or two about staying healthy and happy amidst the hectic craziness of going to and fro, especially during the high seasons like Summer and the holidays. Not many love airports or airplanes (understandably), but I have found there are ways to make the experience smoother and more enjoyable! Below is a list of my must-haves while traveling: travel-yoga-essentials-1

Yoga Mat

It’s over my shoulder in a yoga mat bag I bought in India earlier this year. I bring it along with my carry-on and no one has ever hassled me about the extra item over my shoulder. Some airports (like San Francisco and London) have yoga rooms where you can practice pre-flight. It’s always a good idea to move in some significant way before flying. I usually roll out my mat post-flight wherever I am staying and improvise a flow that intuitively feels good in my body for about an hour or more - usually finishing with Legs Up the Wall pose. TIP: Incorporate stretches that work all movements of the spine (forward, back, side and twist), and do some back-side strengthening poses like Chair or Lunges, as well as some front-side opening postures like thigh/hip flexor stretches and heart openers. These will all help to counteract the effect of the small plane seats and the uncomfortable positions we must sit in for many hours while traveling. Also, move during the flight! Walk around every hour or two that you are awake and stretch out any areas that feel tense!

Hand Sanitizer

It’s pretty obvious! Germs are everywhere and the recycled air in airplanes is awful and circulates said germs (including viruses). Hand sanitizing with an all-natural formula leaves you guarded against unwanted bugs (without harsh, unnatural chemicals), moisturizes the hands and feels refreshing!

Essential Oil

Rose/lavender/lemon/peppermint water mist is a soothing blend for the nervous system, cleansing, refreshing, smells amazing.
  • Lemon is disinfecting
  • Lavender is calming
  • Rose is moisturizing
  • Peppermint is cooling
I like to make a water mist in a spray bottle with 10 or so drops of essential oil. A few spritz throughout the flight or security line can really bring some relief and a feeling of “I got this”. Careful to not get in any in your eyes. There are so many aromas to choose from too, so choose one that positively affects your unique mind and body.


In this age of technology, social media and smart phones, we all need to read more! It’s such a fantastic way to pass the time, transport mentally out of your own world, work your brain and be entertained! Games are good too, like crosswords puzzles or Sudoku.

Nuts, chocolate, seeds

Let’s be honest - airplane food SUCKS! I avoid as much of it as possible; it is just not good for you. Some airlines do better than others, but it’s a good idea to arm yourself with healthy snacks before a long travel stint. Foods like nuts, seeds and chocolate are high in healthy fats, protein and other vitamins and minerals so they will be filling, satisfying and nourishing! Kind Bars are a great example that combine all three and are sold at most US airports.


Because of the altitude, my feet get cold and I like to protect them from the airplane floor (who knows what’s lingering there). Any ToeSox are great, as they help you to spread toes and keep blood flowing through the feet while high in the skies. Compression socks are even better for long journeys, as they help keep swelling down!


I can’t imagine traveling without them! I listen to my Spotify playlists that I have downloaded to my phone so I can still play them while on airplane mode. They are great for drowning out the sound of screaming babies or other passengers you’d care to not hear. They also serve for watching movies and TV shows. As someone who barely sleeps on planes, I watch about three movies and three TV shows throughout the journey.


You just never know when inspiration will hit… write it down! Or, reflect on your travels. Writing is extremely therapeutic and, like reading, something we all need to engage in more of these days.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

‘Nuff said! Especially if your lover is coming to pick you up at the airport. Best be prepared.

Face Wipes

My skin always feels a bit wrecked after flying. Oily yet dry - use a face wipe to wash off the grime of all the little particles that have stuck to the oil secretions on your face in flight (then spritz with above essential oil mist and moisturize if needed.

Coconut Oil or Arnica

Moisturize! Airplanes suck the moisture out of you. Coconut oil is one of the best, most versatile oils, and it’s even anti-microbial! There isn’t a better remedy for sore muscles than Arnica. My neck always get jacked up after flying, so arnica saves me!

Lip balm

Again, moisturize!


Drink as much as possible! Bring a bottle on the plane and ask the attendants for more when they pass by. As tempting as it may be to get the coffee or alcohol, those choices will dehydrate you further and compound the effects of the flight. You may not feel so hot once you deplane. Dehydration is also no good for jet lag. Choose water!


This helped me A TON when I flew from Dubai to Los Angeles earlier this year. Previously, I had tried more standard sleeping pills, but I found them to not be very effective and they were very dehydrating. Plus, I will almost always choose nature over anything man-made in a science lab, and melatonin worked wonders for me. It can also help you to sleep a full night after traveling if your body clock is messed up going from one continent to another. Be easy on yourself, as jet lag is very real - usually you need about a full week to recover. Kenna-crouch-travel-yoga-pose-1 Stay healthy & happy this holiday season with the above items in your carry-on! Love, Kenna