Yoga Bliss For Runners

ToeSox Yoga for Runners You put your ear buds in, step outside, and start your warm up pace. Blood begins to flow as you gain speed. Soon, your legs feel lighter, your breath is quicker, and your mind is clearer. Running isn’t just good for your heart and body, it’s good for the soul. Each time your feet hit the ground you create a cadence, a rhythm, that can send you into a meditative state. That’s the runner’s high! The runner’s low is when all that bliss comes to a halt and your body starts to feel the literal impact of every stride. Recover quickly and actually improve your next run by supporting your running workouts with hydration, compression and yoga.

Why yoga?

Most marathon training guides recommend rest days and cross-training days. Yoga can be your answer to both. Restorative or yin yoga provides a gentle stretch and stress relief on rest days. In these types of yoga classes you hold poses for several minutes while being supported with bolsters, straps and blocks. Vinyasa flow or hot yoga on cross-training days will build strength and give you the deep stretching your whole body needs. Experience the joy (and heat) of warrior poses and planks.

Post-Run Yoga

After clocking the miles and meeting your daily workout goals, you probably can’t wait to get home, chug some water and nosh on a big meal (a healthy one of course). First things first, make sure to do some post-run yoga stretching. Here are a couple great ones you can do immediately after your run or anytime you need to ease tired muscles. runners-lunge Runner’s Lunge - This pose stretches the groins and legs. straight-leg-forward-bend Head to Knee Forward Bend - This pose stretches the spine, shoulders, hamstrings, and groins bound-angle-pose Bound Angle Pose - This pose stretches the inner thighs, groins, and knees. While here, this is a great time to give yourself a foot massage to ease any pain or tension in your feet. leg-up-wall Legs Up The Wall - This pose relieves tired or cramped legs and feet and also calms the mind. As you incorporate more and more yoga into your running routine, you will experience the benefits of balancing a cardio rush with strengthening poses and deep stretches. That’s the runner’s yoga high!