Yoga poses to celebrate Summer Solstice

summer-yoga Summer is officially here! Summer Solstice marks the first day of the sun-drenched season that awakens our wanderlust spirits. It’s the longest day of the year because the sun rises earliest and sets latest on this spectacular day. With more light you might experience more energy. It’s natural for your focus to turn toward the outside – activities, vacations, oceans, mountains, refreshing food, and colorful drinks. To balance this outward energy, it’s important to make space in your day to glance inward. By bringing harmony to the outside and inside landscapes, you will be able to fully experience the joy of Summer without burning out. There are a few simple yoga poses you can do to temper the heat while honoring the sun. Take 10 minutes out of every day to stretch and expand your body – focusing on heart openers, shoulders, and upper back. Start this practice on the Summer Solstice to harness the power of the light and it’s energy. summer-yoga-poses-social

Child’s Pose

With your feet together and knees wide, bow forward letting your head rest gently on the mat. Reach your arms over the head and feel the stretch in your back. Take 5-10 deep breaths. This pose represents gratitude as you bow to the earth. Add a shoulder stretch to Child’s Pose by threading your right hand under the left shoulder, looking to the left. Go further by twisting your left shoulder open and wrapping your left hand behind your back. Untwist and do the other side.

Cobra Pose

Lying on your stomach, place your palms under your shoulders. With your legs long and stretched straight behind you, press your five toes into the ground and gently lift your head and shoulders off the mat. Roll your shoulders back and down. You can take this as deep as you want as long as there is no crunching in your lower back. This pose represents an awakening to the day – to the light.

Caterpillar Pose

Sit up with legs together straight out in front. Lift up and fold forward reaching for your feet. Breathe easy into this pose. This is more about the heart and back than it is a hamstring stretch. As such, if you need more support, place a bolster on top of your legs to rest your head on. This pose draws you inward as you breathe into your backside of the body – from heart to upper back.

Fish Pose

Lay on your back with legs straight out. Wiggle your arms under you, with palms facing down. Bend the elbows and arch the back, lifting the chest to the sky. You will feel a stretch in your shoulders while also opening your heart.

Corpse Pose

It’s time to relax. Lie on your back, legs and arms relaxed – straight and wide. Let your breath drift in and out. This pose cools the heat of summer and allows you to ignite your internal light.