10 Ways to Change the World

butterfly-nature Turn on the news or scroll through your Facebook feed and you’re bound to be bombarded with unpleasant stories that will break your heart. The negativity is heavy, but this is no time to get defeated. It may be hard to believe, but there is a lot of awesomeness happening all over the world - you can be part of it. In the midst of darkness is when the brightest light can be seen. That’s you. Individuals can make a difference. We just need to turn our attention to the wonderful and inspiring people, events and opportunities that are all around.
“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” - Gandhi

10 Ways You Can Change the World

1. Buy organic. Your purchase power speaks volumes so when you choose organic you let businesses know what’s important to you and the planet. 2. Pay it forward. When someone does something nice for you, carry on the good deed to another friend or stranger. When someone says "thank you" or asks how they can repay you, simply ask them to "pay it forward". 3. Pick up trash. There is no need to see litter lining our streets. If we each pick up at least three pieces of trash per day our world would be a cleaner, healthier place. 4. Make eye contact. Look up from your device and look at people in their eyes. Eye contact is rare, and yet it is a powerful connection that reminds us that we are all human. 5. Volunteer. Giving back helps others while feeding your own soul. Look for opportunities that match your passion in your community or online (for ideas, check out volunteermatch.com). 6. Spend more time in nature. Being in the great outdoors elevates the mood and reduces anxiety (as opposed to walking along traffic-heavy, urban streets). Additionally, spending more time outside increases your awareness and appreciation to what the earth provides, like flowers, sunshine, rain, and wind. 7. Use less. Your daily behavior compounds to make a big difference in preserving our planet's resources. Little efforts like turning the lights off every time you leave the room, shutting down your computer, and unplugging appliances from the outlet will pay off and save energy. Save water by taking shorter showers, selecting drought-resistant plants, and eating more organic seasonal fruits and vegetables. (Did you know that one pound of beef requires approximately the same amount of water as showering for 6 months?) 8. Waste not. We’ve become so dependent on conveniences that we forget how little we actually need. Did you know American’s use 500 million plastic straws per day? Next time, opt for no straw, shop with reusable bags, drink from reusable bottles/cups, learn how to compost, and try up-cycling older items or shop yard sales instead of buying new. 9. Put it away. Take time out of your day to be without technology. We are so engrossed in our computers, tablets and phones that we are missing important moments with our loved ones. Start meaningful conversations and listen with an open heart to the thoughts and ideas of others. 10. Meditate or pray. Through meditation or prayer an individual's consciousness affects the collective consciousness and can positively shift societal harmony through what is called the Maharishi Effect. Learn different meditation techniques. Making positive change takes love and action. Create a daily habit of your positive actions - it's okay to start small. Your efforts will change the world and inspire others to also make a difference.