Are You Ready For Your Next Race

Running-socks-stairs Remember being a kid and running was just a natural instinct? Our little feet wanted to scurry everywhere – to the next room, to Daddy, down the street. Run, run, run. It’s as if our little bodies never tired; like our lungs had an endless capacity of air. Now as a grown up, taking those strides is far from effortless and we’d rather drive than run anywhere. But we know that exercise is crucial to our health so we make it a priority to get fit. If running is your jam or maybe you hope that it one day will be, then this post is for you. Running is a great cardiovascular workout while also chiseling your legs, buns, waist, and even your shoulders. If you’re a dedicated runner you might consider registering for a race. We say yes, do it! While the term race implies a winner and a loser, you don’t have to approach it that way. Instead, this is a great time to establish your PR (personal record). You vs. the route. Are you ready? Whether you’re gearing up for a 5K or a lengthy 26.2 miler, it’s important to get your body and mind prepared. Ask yourself these questions to find out if you’re ready for your next race. Ready-to-run-social
  1. Do you have the right gear? Gear up with running socks and shoes that support and comfort your feet. You’ll be putting in hundreds of miles in your gear so we highly recommend investing in good socks and shoes.
  2. Do you have time? Make room in your calendar for 8 weeks of training. Can you commit to running 3-5 times a week?
  3. Are you running a marathon? If you’re going for a marathon length, it helps to have at least six months of consistent running experience under your belt.
  4. Can you run half the distance? Prior to the race, make sure you can run half the distance of the total race length with confidence. It doesn’t have to be easy, but you should be able to complete this half mileage without feeling terrible.
  5. Are you balancing your training? Fueling and recovering is part of your training. Make sure you’re eating healthy carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Be sure to give your body plenty of rest, as well as incorporating low intensity exercises or stretches (yoga is an excellent complement to your training schedule).
  6. Is your head in the game? If your mind starts thinking negatively every time you run, it might be time for a time out. On your next rest day, establish a mantra or affirmation that motivates you. Meditate on this thought. Next time you’re running put your mantra on repeat to keep your powerful brain on positivity.
yoga-for-runners As with any new exercise routine or training, get a physical done with your doctor to make sure there are no health risks. We want this to be a powerful and inspiring experience for you! Go get your medal (and maybe a free t-shirt)!