3 of the best breakfasts to start your day

Alarm-clock Question: Are you a breakfast eater? Next question: Are you eating breakfast within one hour of waking up? If you said 'No' to one or both, it’s time to rethink your morning routine and make room for a meal that supports your body and your health goals. After all, if you spend your free time tucking in barre class, clocking miles on the pavement, or planking in Pilates, you need more than a cup of coffee on the go. You need a breakfast that's not only nourishing, but also fast and easy. We're busy people and it seems like time is at a premium – then again, so is our health. So to find out the best breakfasts to eat and why, we turned to our friend Emily Potter who is a nutritionist and co-creator of the DIY Cleanse. We were surprised to learn about three fun and super tasty options that we will gladly wake up five minutes earlier for (and it's not a smoothie).

Pumpkin Pancakes

Why she loves them: Make a double batch of these yummy flapjacks and nosh on them for 2-3 mornings. The pumpkin is a complex carb which stabilizes blood sugar and sustains energy while the high protein in the eggs will leave you feeling full longer. How to make them: ½ can pumpkin ½ cup gluten-free pancake mix 4 eggs 1 T maple syrup ¼ t Himalayan pink salt 1 t vanilla extract 1 T coconut oil 1 t cinnamon Directions: Blend in vitamix or blender until smooth. Cook like regular pancakes in butter or coconut oil. Heat 1 T butter and 1 T maple syrup in saucepan and drizzle over pancakes to make even more delicious! rolled-oats

Super Charged Breakfast Oats

Why she loves them: You can jazz them up with a lot of versatile toppings and turn it into a super food concoction. Oats are a good source of fiber to keep things “moving” and are also high in vitamin B which provides good energy. How to make them: ½ cup rolled oats 1 cup water ¼ tsp sea salt (Boil water and salt. Add oats and cook on stovetop 15-20 minutes) Add your super food toppings: 1 T hemp seeds 1 T raw honey or maple syrup 1 T chia seeds 1 T MTC oil, coconut oil, or grass-fed butter 1 handful slivered almonds or nuts of your choice

Turkey Tomato Toast

Why she loves them: This super easy and savory delight tastes amazing, it’s fast and it’s something different to eat if you're in a smoothie rut. It’s also healthy balance of protein and healthy fat. How to make them: 1 slice gluten-free bread Smash ½ avocado and spread on toast 1 slice of Applegate turkey Layer toast in tomato slices Crumble goat cheese on top Broil for a few minutes so it’s toasty perfection Each of these breakfasts are easy to prepare and amazing to enjoy. So set aside time within one hour after you open your eyes and honor your beautiful self with a healthy meal that sets your day up right to succeed.