3 Reasons To Be A Crossover Athlete

crosstrain-blog-comp It’s time to find another workout. We don’t mean ditch your current one – just add more into your weekly routine for a balanced fitness program. Have you noticed that more group fitness studios are offering a mixture of classes? Pilates studios are doubling as spin studios and yoga studios are taking on cardio and barre classes. This is part of the crosstraining curriculum that is essential to getting fitter faster. Are you ready to be crossover athlete? A crossfitter who loves Pilates, a runner who does yoga, maybe a surfer who conditions at the barre. Layout your week’s fitness plan to incorporate a combination of aerobic, strength training and flexibility workouts.

3 Reasons To Crosstrain

Reduce injury

Are you wondering: How can I get better if I’m not constantly practicing what I love? It may feel like you’re being fickle with your fitness routine. In reality, you are actually doing your body good by doing other workouts – it’s not cheating. In fact, when you do the same activity on repeat you increase your risk of injury from overuse. Whereas, if you include different workouts each week you train more muscle groups that will support a better performance and less injury when you do your passion workout. (We know there is usually one workout you just can’t wait to get to – it’s your main squeeze) jumprope-toesox-1

Stay motivated

Unlimited class packages at your favorite studio means you get to do your favorite workout as much as you want during the month (and save money!). Nothing makes us happier than sporting our cute barre socks in barre class four or more times per week. While the class choreography is different each time, your body still craves variety. Crosstraining helps keep your motivation elevated so you don’t burnout or get bored. To offset the tush-toning, strengthening workout of barre or yoga, mix in a cardio workout. Try spin class, a trampoline gym or go for a run with friends or your dog. yoga-toesox-1 spin-toesox-1

Work your recovery

If you are actively training for a race, an event or goal then you know your body needs to rest and recover –- it’s part of any training program. On recovery days you don’t have to go dormant (although you certainly can), instead you can incorporate a crosstraining workout to actively recovery. This will allow the body to rest the muscles that are being vigorously trained and offer supporting muscles a chance to kick in. For example, if you are training for a marathon then yoga or swimming on rest days is a great balance for the body. pilates-toesox-1 Use your crosstraining days as a chance to try something new. Listen to your body and you might learn that variety is just what does the body good.