How to make a work day feel like a summer vacay

summer-sandals Americans say adieu to summertime vibes and bikinis over Labor Day weekend, but Summer isn’t officially over until September 21 (Autumn Equinox). We’re still in the middle of our beach-bound daydreams and aren’t quite ready to slip into Fall, so we're finding time for a Summer vacation. If you can't take time off work, don’t worry – we’ll help make your workday feel like a holiday. umbrella-drink

10 ways to make your workday feel like a Summer vacation

  1. Walk in and out of the office with sunglasses on (like you just walked off the beach)
  2. Change your screensaver on your computer and phone to a beach image – the more turquoise the water the better
  3. Turn your morning smoothie into an umbrella drink (sans the rum, of course)
  4. If the AC is blasting, swap your office throw blanket for an oversized beach towel or your cardigan for a boho kimono
  5. Get a pedicure immediately and show off your colorful toes in a cute pair of sandals
  6. Put a vase of tropical flowers on your desk, like plumeria, gardenia, jasmine and stargazer lilies
  7. Lather on SPF lotion and spend your lunch break outside in the sun
  8. Nosh on fish tacos and sip on coconut water
  9. Use your morning and afternoon breaks reading a juicy beach novel
  10. Take a midday selfie with a filter than gives your skin a smooth bronzed tone
Bonus: Plan a post-work happy hour with friends and cheers to a great Summer day Going on a mental holiday is sometimes more important than the tangible travel experience. If you work hard (and we know you do), then it’s important to balance it all out with a bit of fun – even if it’s in the midst of your 9-5 job. beach-screensaver