A Dancer's Foot Therapy

by Rebekah Rotstein, ToeSox anatomy expert

Rebekah Rotstein Dancer

For a former ballet dancer, I have pretty decent looking feet - no unattractive callouses or mangled toenails. However I have a slightly misaligned toe which probably has a little arthritis. My morning ritual involves wearing my ToeSox when meditating and practicing my yoga poses. And if I don't wear my ToeSox I honestly do feel the difference in that aching toe and in my pronated feet. It literally saves my feet on a daily basis and eliminates the pain, reminding my foot to spread, informing my lazy foot muscles to activate, and enabling my tight connective tissue to release. Suddenly, the arches of my feet are restored. As I pack my bags for two and a half weeks in Europe of teaching and conferences, guess what is one of the most important items in my suitcase? Thanks ToeSox, from the bottom of my soles.

Learn more about Rebekah - creator of the award-winning DVD and workout Pilates for Buff Bones. She runs her own exercise and Pilates studio in Manhattan and guest presents throughout the U.S. and internationally on a variety of topics including functional anatomy, rehabilitation and bone health. www.incorporatingmovement.com