Fit Feet for Summer

by Rebekah Rotstein, ToeSox Anatomy Expert

With summer around the corner, many of you will find yourselves exercising outdoors and even running. Be sure you don't neglect your feet in the process! The stronger and more pliable your feet are, the less likely you will be to get injured. Try this: stand in front of a mirror with your feet pointing forward and allow your arches to collapse, which rolls your ankles inward. (If you're one of the lucky folks who has no idea what I'm referring to, then try to roll your ankles inward for the sake of this demo.) Notice how the rolling in of your ankles also rotates your knees inward. Look to the next joints up and notice how your hips then compensate. We could continue as you notice the change in your back etc. You can see how the arches of your feet support the alignment of your entire body! A quick exercise to help this is to lift your toes and observe how your ankles suddenly realign. Drop your toes while maintaining that position of your ankles. Now bend your knees without any rolling in of your ankles and straighten your knees again. Repeat 10 times, tracking your knees over your ankles and observe how your feet start to work to support the structure of your body. Learn more about Rebekah - creator of the award-winning DVD and workout Pilates for Buff Bones. She runs her own exercise and Pilates studio in Manhattan and guest presents throughout the U.S. and internationally on a variety of topics including functional anatomy, rehabilitation and bone health.